BUY IT: Baby Iron Man and baby Spiderman shirt

Baby Iron Man and baby Spiderman shirt, ladies tee and tank-top

Men's T-Shirt front

Reading comprehension is fundamental. Without agreeing, I must point out the prohibited stretch marks the ones caused by skin bleaching. Thank u Mr president, I wish that law could be introduced in other parts of Africa, ie in Uganda, the level and speed ladies are bleaching on makes u wonder if they want to find their true colors. This seems wrong. Ghanian women can express themselves however they see fit. And we should be blaming euro-centric marketing instead of the women that internalize those messages. The Baby Iron Man and baby Spiderman shirt policy is not that smart! Stretch marks could come from gaining or losing weight not necessarily surgery! And there is no way these marks inhibit work! So unfair to the poor ladies. how do their stretch marks and their bleaching affect their performance in work?

Women's T-shirt front


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