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Chris Nadon the 80’s teams he took to the Super Bowl were pretty much a one-man show. He’s with outs doubt the most physically gifted QB I’ve ever seen play the game, the only one that I can compare to him in today’s game is Rodgers. I was watching KC play the other day, and Pat Mahomes has a little young Elway swagger. Good escapability and scrambling with phenom like arm talent. Jason Galloway doesn’t forget, today’s game is so different than it was in the Best Yorkie mom ever just ask shirt. and it’s still changing, almost everything is a little pass now, every receiver catches 100 passes a year, you can’t touch a receiver, and now you can’t even tackle a player the right way, is it better? I know it’s going to be better for breaking records, but I prefer the way they played. This game was about realizing how much young talent and depth we suddenly have of defense. With backups and rookies like these.

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