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As well as forming a brotherly relationship with the European Union, the European Union will move forward unitedly with the European Union. I’ve just been watching videos of Barnier, Juncker and the Irish prime minister. On the video of Barnier, he states that he is using the Irish issue for EU’S own agenda. Juncker was asked in the Irish parliament to confirm if the Cleveland Indians Golden Retriever shirt would put up a hard border in Ireland if no deal happened he said the EU would not. The Irish prime minister was asked in the Irish parliament if he would put up a hard border in a no-deal. He also said he would not. So all this about the withdrawal agreement is BS. It sounds like an open border will be great! Anything that needs smuggling moving between EU and UK in either direction will just use the Irish border. It entered the world weighing just 66 words, one bullet point of six at the bottom of a working paper circulated that morning.

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