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Cow boo heifer Halloween shirt, ladies shirt and tank-top

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Because women died from childbirth so frequently. Her comment on what should have been the happiest day of my life stupid cow should not have broken the law. Also if you check further articles she is also a drug addict and the child came out with withdrawal brilliant parent this will make. Should have been taken to hospital and looked after, but she will be lucky if the Cow boo heifer Halloween shirt child is not taken into care what chance has the poor child got. Scotty there is nothing wrong with your comment. Everything you said was completely spot on. She was charged with identity theft. Scum is the exactly way to label this woman. I think it’s crappy that she was forced to labor and birth in a jail and she should have been taken to the hospital. She committed the crime. That’s on her. I did if people read the comment correctly say she should have been taken to hospital but you don’t put an innocent 8-month pregnant woman in jail.

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