BUY IT: Dishonor on you your family your cow shirt

Dishonor on you your family your cow shirt, ladies shirt and tank-top

Men's T-Shirt front

If you have some mental problem India is given medical visas, come here will take you to a good psychiatrist. Your aid is feeding Catholic churches hare and trying to convert people by the way India is already giving ad to African nations and our neighbors so please stay quiet and let watch our progress India was world power before British occupation and India will be. What achievement people living in the streets people dying of hunger no education what a stupid comment you have just made. Why would the Dishonor on you your family your cow shirt west care? We are more concerned about the impact of your countries growing population and waste management impact on the environment and planet. You still so behind the times some people still using shitting fields cause your Gov not willing to address the need for toilets but spend billions on the space program. Really what we all aspire to. This is the power of India since Vedic era to today Indians r so genius.

Women's T-shirt front


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