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Dragon hug Unicorn shirt, sweater, hoodie and ladies shirt

Dragon hug Unicorn Ladies shirt

Ladies shirt

What happened to me today for the first time of the first time got the most powerful among them in the Dragon hug Unicorn shirt, Super Vegito! Well, I got a golden Frieza 3 times! I was hoping if I got Goku in ss blue I wish get it with Vegeta ss blue before the event ends. I skipped the animation and I was shocked to see Vegito there I got Vegeta too I wish this is the main acc I got Frieza on my main but I’m not satisfied. Easily my luckiest banner ever! Pulled Frieza twice, Goku three times, and Vegito! All nonticket summons! Not to mention a bunch of other sparkings I didn’t have before. Thanks so much, Bandai! Anyone else didn’t like this new freebie ticket way? We have to summon more times to get a single… Wouldn’t be better if were like the previous ones? Anyway… I spent 8k to get only golden Frieza, that’s sad.

Dragon hug Unicorn shirt, sweater, hoodie and ladies shirt

Dragon hug Unicorn Men shirt

Men shirt

Did a guaranteed summon for both Goku and Vegeta banner ended up with both being a Master Pack 1 Sparking? 3 out of 3 for missed Limited Legends. Total of roughly wasted on all 3 step-ups.This game pisses me off over 8,200cc and no Vegito and to top that the free tickets were little old units, thanks to legends you at least used lube this time cause I got 4star golden Frieza and 3star blue Goku. down theĀ Dragon hug Unicorn shirt only got not even the unit I wanted Vegito or Goku or Vegeta would’ve been fine hard work don’t pay off sometimes. I didn’t get but I think this makes up for it my brother also got super thanks for not shafting me just waiting to do my summon and hopefully I pull him.

Dragon hug Unicorn shirt, sweater, hoodie and ladies shirt

Dragon hug Unicorn Sweatshirt


And, once again in legends, not a single recent unit. Last time I pulled a featured unit was bluff cooler, and I don’t even have theĀ Dragon hug Unicorn shirt to play it. I’ve been literally playing the team since super Broly came out cause its the only team I can play, I hoped that I could get some new characters with the anniversary so that I could change something, at last, the team. But that didn’t happen so, yeah, I think I’m gonna delete the game with a big fuck you in my head.

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