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Flamingos go shopping shirt, sweater, hoodie and ladies shirt

Flamingos go shopping Men shirt

Men shirt

Has anyone tried Flamingo as a food? Could be an abundant food source for the starving Africans. The west breeds chickens and turkeys for food so why not breed the Flamingos go shopping shirt. I saw a flock of turkeys flying on my way to work Wed. Must have been about 25 of them. Don’t know if it’s the turkey season or not. We visited here but unfortunately, the timing of the tour was off or the flamingos hadn’t shown up yet but not one flamingo was seen! Planet earth 2 caught them doing this and with awkward background music I just about spit out my food when the clip played. Smarter than humans, they work as a team to survive, wolves do the same thing, of course, humans then shoot them. the way these flamingos walk is what nightmares are made of. They also look like they are looking for hair, I mean look at those beaks!

Flamingos go shopping shirt, sweater, hoodie and ladies shirt

Flamingos go shopping Sweatshirt


Some places have hurricane impact glass, so shutters aren’t necessary. I’ve been through a couple of hurricanes in a former home with them. They don’t even rattle. The zoo staff have been through this routine many times, I’m sure. Too bad Big Cat Rescue doesn’t care about all of Tigers who are riding out the Flamingos go shopping shirt in wire cages that won’t keep them from getting loose and or drowning. OK please elaborate you took them from the outside put them inside in a concrete enclosure with a wall full of windows how was that safer? I blame Lewis Carroll for making me expect them to break into a game of croquet suddenly with those poor flamingos.

Flamingos go shopping shirt, sweater, hoodie and ladies shirt

Flamingos go shopping Hoodie


I hope a human or two stays with them to monitor events.
In floods in Binghamton, a few years ago, no one stayed to monitor the animals in a pet store, and many birds, cats, dogs, bunnies, guinea pigs were drowned. Grateful they are being taken care of but a bit disturbed by all the laughter – the poor birds are probably traumatized and don’t understand- at least have some respect – this isn’t a time for laughter. They think of everything huh. Rescuing Flaming birds! Didn’t think to live there in the Flamingos go shopping shirt. The native Americans never lived there, only visited to hunt. Say what you want about America and the American foreign policy, I still think it’s a great nation and its people are caring and selfless. I’m grateful to these wonderful rescuers for making sure flamingos are safe.

Flamingos go shopping Ladies shirt

Ladies shirt


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