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Float j’peux pas j’ai pole dance shirt, sweater, hoodie and ladies shirt

Men's T-Shirt front

This is something myself and wife would like to get involved in once we’re fully settled and can provide the right environment. Happy to see this I fostered over 60 children in the Float j’peux pas j’ai pole dance shirt and I loved them all. Never thought I would see them again, but they are finding me on facebook and I have met a few and keep in touch with them. So so sad how she lost her family at such a young age. Bless her heart for turning her difficulties in a positive way to help other children without a family. This is what those pro-life people wasting their life protesting should do. What can be more pro-life than saving the lives of kids that have no parents? We have our 1st foster placement right now. This is hands down the most rewarding/difficult thing I have done in my life. I cannot imagine 48 children.

Men's T-Shirt front


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