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Fuck around and find out shirt, ladies shirt and tank-top

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When this is all said and done they will have killed off all of the local Vape shops across the United States and only big tobacco will be left standing. This is about money, nothing more. he people who died were vaping tainted black market THC cartridges. Blaming vaping in general, That’s like blaming syringes for heroin overdoses. Look to the United Kingdom. Their government promotes vaping as 95% safer than cigarettes. So that seems like an issue to me. That we need to tighten up the Fuck around and find out shirt vaping market and make sure we don’t have dangerous cartridges around. Isn’t that what all this media about the deaths is about? As I stated before, the powers that be are using the negative press from the tainted THC cartridges to hand the industry over to Big Tobacco. However, I do agree with your statement. We need to tighten up the Vape Market. I would change the age to purchase.

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