BUY IT: Ho Ho Hol Mir Ein Bier Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ho Ho Hol Mir Ein Bier Ugly Christmas Sweater, Ladies Shirt And Tank-Top

Unisex Sweatshirt front

Doing the same. Where do you think your electricity is coming from to charge your car? Nuclear, burning waste, which is still polluting or is it wind farms? You might think the wind turbines that have sprung up worldwide are a positive answer, but on the other hand. I feel like investment into electric-powered trucks would be a more cost-effective measure of cutting emissions, especially since the Ho Ho Hol Mir Ein Bier Ugly Christmas Sweater trucks will need to be replaced anyway – I doubt this system could be jerry-rigged for existing vehicles on the road. This isn’t exactly a new invention, Seattle has lots of trolleybuses that run on overhead wires throughout the city. I can’t see this working in most of America, though. Only wealthy areas would be able to afford it, and only liberal areas would approve the expense, so there’s no way the thousands of miles of middle of America would be able to get wired freeways, certainly not enough to be economically.

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