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Hocus Pocus Witches I smell children vintage shirt, ladies shirt and tank-top

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Every business has a right to refuse custom. Most reasonable people would move on and place their business elsewhere. There are people starving and this prat wastes all this money because a company refused his order. If you were a baker and some lunatic wanted you to ice a picture of a beheading I suppose you would do it. Get real. I don’t understand why business owners and staff members ever give a reason for refusing service to anyone. Sorry, we’re not serving you should be plenty and they should already know giving specific reasons will land the Hocus Pocus Witches I smell children vintage shirt a discrimination suit. Because business owners want to make sure you understand why they are refusing you. You don’t get bonus points in heaven for merely saying we’re overbooked. I’m just saying, it’s legally dangerous to discriminate against almost anyone, not just LGBT people. It should be the standard operating procedure to politely ask people to leave.

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