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Land of 10000 lakes shirt, sweater and hoodie

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God knows he has enough troubles of his own. I love Iran and pray that God gives them the strength to confront enemies who come all the distance away to their doorpost to fight them not because they borrowed or took anything from anyone but hate. Imperialism must die. Deceptive voyages” say the yanks, as the Land of 10000 lakes shirt reason to try to keep it off Gib. Speaking as an ex-officer on a BP tanker many years ago I think the yanks will find that many of us on tankers sailed on “deceptive voyages”, where the discharge or loading port would change whilst you were at sea, sometimes on a daily basis. As for a ship fully loaded, of this size, there are only so many ports in the med. capable of handling it, unless they lighten ship at sea into a smaller vessel, as often used to happen in Lyme Bay in the old days.

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