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Merry Carpmas Ugly Christmas Sweater, Ladies Shirt And Tank-Top

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These services are refusing to compete on quality, price or any other metric other than who can have the most exclusive content. Which they do buy buying it and refusing to lease it elsewhere. To use your bread analogy it’d be like Hovis only selling via Tesco and Warburtons only selling in ASDA. Meanwhile, you can only buy coke in Sainsbury’s and Pepsi in Morrisons. Now you might visit all the Merry Carpmas Ugly Christmas Sweater shops but it’s hardly surprising that some people will chose to go to the dodgy market stall that has everything. Given how capitalism is meant to encourage competition, I must ask, how is it right Disney has a monopoly on everything? They’ve hoovered up so much now surely that isn’t good for quality or entertainment. One day there’ll be so many streaming services that it’ll be impossible to watch everything you want to watch legally without having to fork out a load of cash to the big companies.

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