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My redhead is calling and I must go shirt, ladies shirt and tank-top

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To giving immigrants a bunch of free stuff off the backs of hard-working, tax-paying citizens? It’s not. Higgins perhaps the world is coming because the US among many others, has bombed their countries to hell, and left nothing they have nothing left to lose. Remember though America has been present, in some cases first in many wars, it has not been on their land. America fights on other peoples land, not their own, decimates it, and leaves, leaving a wasteland. And doesn’t even look after its own vets, if they survive, they suffer along with their families, where is the My redhead is calling and I must go shirt care, the compassion? o what facts are you referring? I would be more than happy to provide evidence. Don’t you get uncomfortable with Donald J Trump living rent-free in your head? Headaches? There is a cure you know. It’s called getting he’ll over it. I learned a long time ago not every person on the internet is mentally healthy.

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