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Stay out of my bubble heifer shirt, ladies shirt and tank-top

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No explanation where the money will come from and only putting things back to where they were before they axed everything. If it happens at all. Call a skeptic but he is a fantasist, liar and above all a Tory. I have known many people waiting in the shadows of incompetents for their chance. Their performance did not reflect their true potential. All I am saying is give the guy a chance. And looking through your timeline, you come across as a very angry man with the Stay out of my bubble heifer shirt world, maybe you do not know it yourself. He’s had a chance, he’s got a long checkable voting record. The bedroom tax, slashing benefits to the sick and disabled, cutting police and fire services. Opposing the mansion tax, opposing increasing corporation tax. He just fought the Tory leadership election on a pledge of tax cuts for those earning over a year FFS. His lifelong political policy is to transfer as much wealth and power away from ordinary people.

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