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Van Goght Van Goghing Van Gone Shirt, Ladies Shirt And Tank-Top

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Short-sighted governments abound apparently! I don’t see how you can call going to Spain a holiday, apart from the weather why would you sit at the bottom of a tower block with a pool of water of dubious quality with people from your home county and then go from bar to beach, and beach to bar and into town and back. Or even worse sit and read a book for a fortnight. This could of been adverted had the Van Goght Van Goghing Van Gone Shirt unelected. Prime Minister took the sensible step and saved Thomas Cook. Bear in mind he is trying to sort out the exit from the EU. No, he decided not to save Thomas Cook, for whatever reason. Now he has no made any friends within the EU yet is still hoping to.het some sort of a deal from them after putting their citizens on the unemployment market. I bet if he had shares in Thomas Cook or the company was a Tory. Party Backer the answer would have been different? No doubt the many hard-working people.

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