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Welkom in Zonnedeal shirt, sweater and hoodie

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Incontinence is common, and it shouldn’t be stigmatized. But to suggest that it’s a part of life, get used to it, spend loads of money on these Welkom in Zonnedeal shirt pants is absurd! Go to a GP, get treatment, seek help, don’t just live with it! So trying to make women not feel so embarrassed about something which is very common and, yes, normal for a lot of women is bad now? Is this because us women are so stupid we only learn how to act and what is normal or not from adverts? They’re trying to sell pads not give medical advice. That’s a pretty sad statement on today’s medical care. Our children were born 54, 53 and 47 years ago. My physicians (for our first two just a family doctor) gave me a regimen of exercises to do, beginning one week after childbirth. I did them religiously, and never experienced any issues with incontinence, even to this day. I guess I need to be eternally grateful for their excellent care.

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