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Winos women in need of sanity shirt, ladies shirt and tank-top

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The pound making them poorer because some guy talked about the false illusion of sovereignty. is people manipulating the egos of politicians to get what they want while the politicians try to do the same to the poor for votes at its core politics is a battle of willpower between those in power and the Winos women in need of sanity shirt electorate. Brexit and torn down the vail forcing MPs to show their true face, the face of people who think they know better than those who elect them. The super-rich who use them, most of them are the most ardent Leave backers. Remainers are just saying no you are not going to damage this country on a bunch of lies just so you can hide your millions from scrutiny. Leavers just will not have it, they prefer to believe what they were spun at the referendum. Leavers moan that we poke fun at them and they know what they voted for.

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