BUY IT: Wonder woman veteran Proud to have served shirt

Wonder woman veteran Proud to have served shirt, ladies shirt and tank-top

Men's T-Shirt front

I’m not gay, nor do I oppose it but if it were me I’d just go to a different baker willing to take my money and give the other a bad review. Kinda drama queen stuff taking it to the media. if you’re in business and don’t wish to serve certain people, you should make that clear before the customer does business with you ie on a website or something not waits until they visit the shop. And if you’re not willing to serve everyone, you shouldn’t be in business anyway. Someone on the Wonder woman veteran Proud to have served shirt sex offender register walks into your business and asks you for one of your services. You know they’re a sex offender, what do you do? Stop being a naive scrote. They didn’t refuse to serve them they refused to add a message to a cake they didn’t agree with. Just like if I asked a cake maker to make a hen do a cake with a rude slogan and they said they didn’t want to, I would ask someone else.

Women's T-shirt front


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